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Goal Setting for Organisations

Goals are measurable statements an organisation intends to accomplish. They are the end towards which all the efforts are directed and the resources are aligned.

When done correctly, Goal Setting helps the organisation engagements meet established Organisation Goals. Setting appropriate goals can improve commitment, clarify and align employees Roles and Goals.

Goals can be single drivers towards organisation health, both for the long term and the short term.

Goal Management and Goal Measurement

Goal Management is the link to bring effectiveness in Goal Setting and Goal Measurement practices both. While Goal Setting and Goal Measurement have effective organisation practices with  support system in place, Goal Management does not find a defined ecosystem in the organisation practices.

In the absence of effective goal management practice in place, as organisations we miss the connect between Goal Setting and Goal Measurement.

Appropriate implementation of Goal Management processes can align the Corporate Goals with Team Goals and individual employee goals.

Goal Alignment

Connection of Organisation Goals with Employee Goals is called alignment. A sense purpose around the organisation goals drives the employee alignment around it. 

Aligned Goals establish connect. They make engagements productive.

Goal alignment is a mix of Mindset, Process and Engagement. Appropriate alignment of Goals drive organisation priorities forward.

Mindset for Team Leaders

Focus on the situation, process, traits helps team leaders align the team members around the Team Goal. It helps to evolve a learning mindset with the team members.

An appropriate mindset helps the team leaders to balance the variables evolving around the organisation goals, Team Goals and goals of the Team members.

While a Growth Mindset is of prime importance, a Situational Mindset aligned too helps the leader remain focussed around the Organisational Goals. It helps to evolve a dynamism to address the change evolving during the course.

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