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Sales Training and Workshops  by Sales Dynamics


We create sustainable and
growth oriented market
infrastructure for you
appropriate processes and

actions in the market place
Market Expansion,
Market Enthusiasm and
People Capability.

Who Are We

Who We Are

We are a sales enablement and business development organisation. We provide sales consulting and execution as service. We align our activities around the Business Goals, Business Practices, Sales Goals, Sales Plan, Sales Operation, Processes and Metrices along with Reporting and Review activities of our customers. 

As your Sales Consulting and Execution service partner, we operate as an extended arm of the organisation aligned around your Sales Goals. We synchronise the Business Plan and the market engagement activities. 

We specialise in Direct | Partner | End Users | Government | Projects | Services | Outsourced business practices to engage the market place. 

We integrate the Physical, Digital and Social Media practices of the organisation around the goals and the business practices at the market place.

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Process and Data enabled practices aligned around business goals, create sustainable market presence for organisations.
Data practices provide effective tools to managers to reduce risk.
People practices goaled around process and data build uniformity in the customer and user engagement activities creating appropriate goal alignment around every function in the organisation. 

Our hypothesis

Achieving revenue goals in a sustained manner is the foremost objective of every organisation. Three components together can assure the organisation achieve revenue goals in a sustained manner.

Lead Generation and Enquiry practices

Comprise of all forms of engagement including Physical, Digital and Socialmedia practices with all the stake holders of the business. The user is the owner of the practice. All the lead generation activities need to revolve around the user practices so as to bring in effectiveness in terms of time, cost, uptime, safety, compliance etc.

Revenue Goals.png

Sales Goals (Deployment)

Mostly misunderstood as revenue, Sales assures deployment. Many a times sales leads to revenue, however it does not assure sustained revenue. Sales, along with other business and revenue practies assures the organisation to adopt effective measures towards revenue goals.

Revenue Goals (Consumption)

Consumption of the product/service/solution by the users assure revenue generation for the organisation in a sustained manner. Usage of the product/service/solution by the users supported by engagement and enablement in creases consumption.

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