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Building Sales Capacity

A predictive measure of the market assessment for the sales team to deliver the assigned revenue plan. In other words, it is called the serviceable addressable market. Sales Capacity is specific to each business/product/service of an organisation.

While market potential and Addressable Market, comprise of the external factors, Sales Capacity of the business/product/service is internal to the organisation. It is a true assessment of the capacity of a business/product/service of the addressable market that can be converted by the organisation to revenue.

Saels Capacity integrates, the marketing, sales and finance guys of the organisation together.Basis sales capacity we determine the most effective way to reach or engage the mreket place. Before putting additional resourecs, to increase revenue, we must ascertain the additional capacity interms of increase in addresseable market or new market or a new product or a new service. 

In a nut shell, before sending a sales person to the field, we must assess the capacity available in the market for the organisation to achieve the target.

At Sales Dynamics, we evolve new processes or reengineer existing processes of our customers to continuously assess the Sales Capacity so that the organisation is ready to address them effectively.

A unique value proposition, which evolves with continuous engagement at the last mile with the users and practices by the organisation. This is supported by appropriate tools and Data practices, helping the decision makers to be micro aware of the last mile practices and take proactive decisions.

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